Hermeneuticon Wiki

There are several projects being developed on this wiki which support the work of The Hermetic Library at Hermetic.com. The first is The Hermeneuticon wiki itself. Others are The Metadata Project, The Concordance Project and The Serapeion Project. Also, the wiki isn't the only thing going on at The Hermeneuticon, so check out the main Hermeneution page.

Help create biographies for these women who have influenced the Western tradition

In effort to create some articles on the site and also reference materials for possible submission to The Order of the Lion and the Order of the Eagle http://hermetic.com/sabazius/FGMV1N3.htm here are some of the names that came up on International Women's Day 2011

Want to add women to this list? Contact the librarian or edit this feature.

The Serapeion Project

Help create an index of occult 'zines and ephemera collections

In effort to create an index of known materials for researchers and students the Serapeion namespace is in support of The Serapeion Project at The Hermetic Library. The Hermetic Library would very much like to help preserve and make accessible the important cultural artifacts of the living Western Esoteric Tradition that are represented by occult ’zines and ephemera. The library can help catalog and preserve both physical and digital, both scholarly and creative materials from the last century of enthusiastic and exuberant esotericism in order to make sure that these are not lost, hidden or forgotten. This project was announced during ALA Preservation Week 2011.

Do you know of an occult 'zine or ephemera collection, online or not, that you can add to the index? Contact the librarian or log in to start adding to the project.